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Unshaped refractory material

According to the ISO standard, unshaped refractory material refers to “mixtures which consist of an aggregate and a bond (…) The mixtures are either dense or insulating”.
“They consist of additives; binders prepared for direct use either in state of delivery or after adding one or several suited liquids”.
This group of refractory material is also referred as "monolithics".
The bond can be hydraulic bond with setting and hydraulic hardening at ambient temperature. In this category, it can be referred as refractory cement and, in the particular case of Kerneos, as calcium aluminates (high alumina cement).
The cement is a universally recognized solution and is used in Regular Cement Castable (RCC) also called Conventional Castable (CC), Medium Cement Castable (MCC), Low Cement Castable (LCC) or Ultra-Low Cement Castable (ULCC).
These refractory castable (refractory concrete) are applied according to various techniques such as self-flow, vibration casting, shotcrete (wet gunning) or dry gunning.
Kerneos manufactures and sells various cements and binders which enter in the composition of these unshaped refractory materials.

Insulating castable and dense castable refer to specific castable families that can be applied by casting or gunning.

Deflocculated castables refer to applications by casting, gunning, self-flow or shotcrete

Technical articles on are available on unshaped refractory materials:

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