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Precast refactory shapes

Precast shapes refer to refractory castables (refractory concrete) that are casted in specific molds for various industries such as steel, aluminium, foundry or other industrial processes.

Precast shapes are usually made from formulations placed by vibration and belong to the category of dense castables or insulating castables.

Kerneos manufactures and sells refractory cements and binders dedicated to precast shape applications.

SECAR® 71, SECAR® 712, SECAR® 80, SECAR Plenium®, SECAR Xeniom™ and CMA 72 are used as a hydraulic bond in Low Cement Castable, Ultra-Low Cement Castable for precast shapes.

The selection of refractory cement is done according to the targeted service temperature. Please click on:

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