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Medium cement castable

According to the standard EN 1402-1, Medium Cement Castable designates a family of castables for which the lime (CaO) content is superior to 2.5%.

Medium Cement Castable (MCC) belongs to the deflocculated castable category.

Kerneos manufactures and sells SECAR® 71, SECAR® 712, SECAR Plenium®, SECAR Xeniom™ and CMA 72 in the Medium Cement Castable application.

The selection of refractory cement is done according to the targeted service temperature. Please click on:

Medium Cement Castable can be applied by vibration casting, dry gunning, self-flow or shotcrete.

Technical articles on are available on Medium Cement Castable:

- 2010 - New aluminate binders and systems for refractory monolithics
- 2010 - Effect of calcium aluminate type on placing, mechanical properties and abrasion resistance of low cement and medium cement castables for DRI applications
- 2009 - Mineralogy and microstructure evolution along the curing, drying and firing process of calcium aluminate bonded refractory castables

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