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Insulating castable

Insulating castable refers to a specific family of refractory castable (refractory concrete).

Insulating castable is used as a secondary lining in process industries and contact layer in petrochemical industry.

Insulating castable is designed to display low density and low thermal conductivity so as to keep heat energy and to reduce fossil energy consumption.

Insulating castable usually contains lightweight aggregate such as fireclay, expanded clay, bubble alumina, reclaimed material, expanded chamotte, perlite or vermiculite.

Kerneos manufactures and sells a wide range of refractory cements dedicated to insulating castables. It ranges from low alumina calcium aluminates (Ciment Fondu® , SECAR 51®) and high alumina calcium aluminates (SECAR® 71, SECAR® 712, SECAR® 80).

The service temperature varies from 1000°C for mixes based on vermiculite and Ciment Fondu® to 1800°C for mixes based on SECAR® 80 and bubble alumina.

Insulating castable is applied by casting (eg vibration casting) or dry gunning.

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