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Deflocculated castable

According to the Refractory Materials Pocket Manual from Gerald Routschka and Harmut Wuthnow (Edition Heat Processing, Vulkan), deflocculated castables obey to a precise definition:
- it must have at least one deflocculant and
- contain at least 2% by weight ultrafine particles < 1 µm

The family of deflocculated refractory castables is classified according to its CaO content.

By improving the placing properties, deflocculated castables are better optimized towards water content and generate higher performance such as corrosion and erosion resistance, hot strength…

Deflocculated castables can be designed by including SECAR® 71, SECAR® 712, SECAR Plenium®, SECAR Xeniom™ and CMA 72. Among the available deflocculants used in the matrix, Peramin® AL 200 and Peramin® AL 300 are two excellent fluidifying agents.

The selection of refractory cement is done according to the targeted service temperature. Please click on:

Technical articles on are available on deflocculated castables:

- 2010 - Improved additives for high purity reduced cement castable systems
- 2010 - New additives for high purity reduced cement castable systems
- 2010 - An investigation into the mechanisms and interactions which control the placing and hardening properties of deflocculated castables
- 2008 - Interactions of calcium aluminate cements and other matrix components which control the initial hardening of deflocculated castables
- 2008 - High purity calcium aluminate binders for demanding high temperature applications
- 2005 - The impact of castable composition and calcium aluminate cement type on the rheology and mechanical properties of LCC at low ambient temperatures
- 2005 - Optimization of the rheology and setting characteristics of LCC at low temperatures
- 2002 - The optimisation of CAC based castable systems for wet shotcreting applications in steel ladles
- 1997 - Ageing of a low cement castable

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