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Castable refractories

Castable refractories Cements are dry-mix material, which when mixed with water hardens. Properly casted and dried, it withstands 2000°C.
According to ASTM C401-89 castable refractories can be classified into the following categories:


CaO Content

CC = Conventional or Regular Castables

CaO = More than 2.5%

LCC = Low Cement Castables

CaO = 1 - 2.5%

ULCC = Ultra Low Cement Castables

CaO = 0.2 - 1%


Kerneos manufactures and sells various cements and binders which enter in the composition of these different castable refractories types.

The flexibility a formulator has when working with calcium aluminate cement has allowed to the technology of castable refractory to grow from simple conventional gun mixes and castables to formulations and installation systems that have significantly enhanced the refractory formulators offer of longer lasting, lower cost refractories.

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